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What Our Customers have to Say

Connexease is already helping over 100 organizations
improve their customer communications.

LolaFlora and Connexease Cooperation

At LoraFlora, we place great emphasis on innovation and empirical work in the field of customer service, as in every area. Connexease has become a partner with whom we have really enjoyed working with for the past year. From the moment we described our business needs Connexease made us very happy, their team embraces projects as if they are employees of our company, put value-added solutions on the table and know our customers as well as we do.

Funda Fırat - Customer Experience Manage
Milleni.com and Connexease Cooperation

They have been available to us 24/7 since the day we started using their platforms. As a very frequent user, I think it is worth appreciating both the development of the platform itself and the quality of its service. It is also very pleasing for us to watch our business partner become a very strong and successful company.

Çağdaş Çelik - Digital Channel Manager
Decathlon and Connexease Cooperation

We, Declathlon, started our relationship with Connexease three years ago and we set up our Whatsapp line together. Our customers who prefer our Whatsapp line are increasing day by day and we are expanding our customer service team accordingly. By having both Whatsapp and social media on a single platform, we can serve our customers from a user-friendly interface with a total of 6 agents. We monitor our agent’s performance daily with the reporting tool. Thank you to the Connexease family for all their support in this development.

Melisa İşeri - Customer Satisfaction Lead

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Our team is a diverse group of business experts from different
domains who can help to improve your customer relations
whatever kind of business you run.


Decathlon trusts Connexease
to provide the best service to its
customers and to improve the customer
experience in their Happy Customer department


Ounass.ae trusts Connexease to
improve their customers online experience
and reach them in the fastest way possible.

Lola Flora

Lola Flora has increased their
customer engagement two times
by serving its customers with
Connexease in every messaging area .

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