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Our Features

  • Multi Channel

    Provide a unified & consistent customer experience across today’s most popular digital channels.

  • Multi Agent

    Place any number of concurrent agents or operators to respond to any number of customers across different channels.

  • Reporting

    What gets measured gets managed, take control over your business operations through our advanced reporting.

  • Customer Feedback

    Seamlessly survey your customers to make more informed business decisions based on the feedback & opinions of your customers.

  • Auto Responses

    Set up your business greeting messages, after hours response and set your customer’s expectations right away.

  • Quick Replies

    Enhance your operational efficiency and save your team’s time by eliminating the time needed to answer the most repetitive questions, no more copy and paste from notepads!

World Is With Connexease

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Some of Our Happy Clients


"We are very proud with the service we get because they are one of our most trusted partners when it comes to instant and fast responses. They are customer oriented as well as always willing to support our needs. It is very lucky for us to have a partner that is always one step ahead."

Burak Önel

Executive Director at

"From the day we started using their platform, they have been there for us in every instance at 24/7. As a very frequent user, I think both the development of the platform itself and their service quality are worthy of commendation. It is also very pleasing for us to watch a partner grow into a very strong and successful company."

Çağdaş Çelik

Digital Channel Manager at

"The platform works at its best when it comes to reporting. After sales support system solves every complication in an instant. Newly implemented procedures and change logs are always explained in a very detailed and accurate way. I can say I fully appreciate the whole platform superbly."

Ergin Tüfekçi

Digital Channel Manager at General Mobile




  • 2.000 Monthly Active Customers
  • 5 Free License
  • WhatsApp Channel
  • Reports
  • E-Mail Support
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  • 10.000 Monthly Active Customers
  • 20 Free Licenses
  • All Channels
  • Reports
  • Quick Reply
  • Feedback
  • Auto Messages
  • E-mail & Chat Support
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  • 30.000 Monthly Active Customers
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • All Channels
  • Reports
  • Quick Reply
  • Feedback
  • Auto Messages
  • Custom Support
  • Webhook Access
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The team behind Connexease

Barış Yaşa


Yusuf Akohen


Karim Ayman


Berat Doğan

Technical Lead

Batuhan Katırcı

Software Developer

Hatice Ertürk

Software Developer

Tolgahan Üzün

Software Developer

Taha Ibrahim Bayram

Software Developer